Disney Enchanting Cinderella and Prince Charming Wedding Cake Topper Figurine

Disney Enchanting Cinderella and Prince Charming Wedding Cake Topper Figurine
Disney Enchanting Cinderella and Prince Charming Wedding Cake Topper Figurine
Disney Enchanting Cinderella and Prince Charming Wedding Cake Topper Figurine
Disney Enchanting Cinderella and Prince Charming Wedding Cake Topper. Place this enchanted Cinderella and Prince Charming figurine on top of your wedding cake using the plastic dish provided for a perfect representation of your happy ever after. The figurine is made from resin. Unique variations should be expected as this product is hand painted. Packed in a branded gift box.

Not a toy or children's product. 12cm (H) x 8cm (W) x 10cm (D).

Made to a high standard from Resin. Packaging may vary from any images shown.

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